Centurions Depth Charger Sea Assault Weapon System (Kenner, 1986)

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Beginning as a five-part mini series in 1986, the Centurions was picked up for 60 episodes and a toy line shortly thereafter. Used by Max Ray, The Depth Charger Sea Assault Weapon System is a fully-submersible underwater vehicle that comes complete dual Sea Torpedoes, Aqua Cannons, Maneuverable Pontoons w/thrusters, and a Hydro Mine.


  • Authentic & unopened 34 year old vintage action figure
  • Incredible deign and sculpt
  • Fantastic paint an likeness to the cartoon
  • Amazing play-ability, as additional weapon systems can be ported into the vehicle in numerous configurations. Cross play with weapons & weapon systems from within the line can also be used.


  • 1 Helmet
  • 1 Power Back-Pak
  • 1 Twin Laser Cannon
  • 1 Radar Sensor
  • 1 Spring loaded Plasma Accelerator with missile
  • 1 Plasma Repulser

 Standard Condition (Mint)

  • New/Mint (sealed) 
  • All tape is intact, there are no price tags, the display window is clear, and the packaging is in overall good condition
  • Both ties holding Jack Rockwell in place are intact
  • Denting top left corner
  • Some glue degradation has occurred on the weapons bubble. However, the bubble remains firmly attached and the weapons remain in place. This may be attributed to the figure's age

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